Experience the Countryside Life by Availing the Offerings at Travelodge

This winters will be quite an experience for me and I was sure about that. My parents had something cooking but nothing was being disclosed to us. I was little curious but my brother, Ellen was going bonkers as he didn’t like surprises.

Me and Ellen were asked to come back home soon from our hostels and join the family reunion as uncle Peter was also coming along with his family. Usually am not a social person and like keeping my distance from people and maintain closeness with my books but with the news Amanda coming with them was something to look forward to. I was excited and planned a lot of things but didn’t know that our parents planned the fun on hand.

Travelodge promo codes through SuperSaverMama were the main source of assistance where planning this trip was involved. Which meant the trip and stay would be worth spending on….


Dad and Uncle Peter chose Berkshire as the destination to travel to. They were with the idea of bringing us closer to the nature by being at the hilly area with the perfect countryside for sightseeing. The charm of small town and historical views were what we were supposed to experience and this what we were looking forward to.

Our flight was quite comfortable one but our mums were worried about the hotels as the countryside hotels didn’t keep our hopes high. Me, Amanda and Ellen were enjoying every moment of our trip as the journey from airport to the hotel was a road journey and this enabled us to observe the beauty of the nature. We had one more attraction to look out for and that was Elton John who lived here as well which made us recall the ‘Can you feel the love’ experience from our childhood animated movie Lion King.

The moment we reached the hotel we were quite dumbstruck by the view as the hotel was lavish. It was not what we expected with all the modern touch which was quite visible from inside where we found what we were used to. But we thought who would need all these modern equipment when we have such beauty outside to explore.

Our stay was of a week at Berkshire which was quite a long time but believe me we didn’t get bored for a single moment and had the most adventurous time ever. Travelodge provided us with all the facilities and made us quite comfortable in every way possible.

The idea of choosing such a beautiful place to visit away from the city life was an adventure in itself for a refreshing start which everyone deserves.

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